After the footings are in and the walls are cast in place, the next important step in the process is waterproofing your investment. At R.F. Woehrmyer Concrete Construction, Inc., we offer a variety of warranties (differentiated by length in years) and multiple waterproofing materials, depending on your needs.


We spray a black asphalt material from GMX Waterproofing and at the homeowners request can spray gray guard waterproofing, also from GMX. This allows us to spray to the top of the foundation to ensure a good seal around your investment. Not only can we spray your walls, we can also wrap them with drainage board or insulation to give you an (R)10 rating or higher. Finally, to ensure you will not have a leaky foundation, we also install brick flashing, for our clients living in brick homes, to ensure all minor gaps are sealed off around your framing.


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